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UnsraW was formed in April of 2006 with former COЯE THE CHILD vocalist, 勇企(Yuki) and drummer 匠(Shou) along with former Death★Rabbits support guitarist and former JOKER guitarist 礼(Rai). Guitarist 哲(Tetsu) and bassist 准(Jun) joined the rest and formed UnsraW. The band is led by 勇企 who writes all of UnsraW's lyrics as well as all their music.

Their first seven lives were all secret shows with their first live being on July 06th at Takadanobaba AREA. On August 23rd, UnsraW held their first oneman, 「Gate of Death」, which was a free live to commemorate their formation.

Shortly after on August 30th, they released their first maxi-single, 『-9-』, limited to 1,000 copies, which sold out in less than a couple weeks.

After several live shows and instore events, UnsraW released their second maxi-single 『Gate of Death』 on October 25th, which was limited to 1,000 copies also, and sold out in pre-sale.

On December 20th, they released their first mini-album entitled 『Spiral Circle』 consisting of the songs included in their earlier maxi-singles along with an introduction track. 『Spiral Circle』 came in two types, each with a different PV as well as a different live clip. It sold out in pre-sale just as 『Gate of Death』.

UnsraW continued touring and in March 26 of 2007, held a Birthday Oneman, distributing a free track, 『Holy Sink』. Two days later, they released their second mini-album, 『Calling』.

Later, in June, they released their first live DVD 『Screaming Birthday』, recorded at their birthday oneman and simultaneously released their third maxi-single, 『Lustful Days』. The maxi-single showcased yet another re-recorded COЯE THE CHILD song, LUST. The Live DVD came with a bonus CD with another re-recorded COЯE THE CHILD song, 廻黙に照らさるた海は涙に枯れて[kai moku ni tera sareta umi ha namida ni kare te] and a re-recorded version of their Live Distributed single Holy Sink.

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